About Senior School

About Senior School

Welcome to the St Aloysius’ College Senior School.

As one of the top Independent schools in Scotland, we encourage personal excellence and a delight in learning at every stage, that is why we have some of the best academic results in the country. We follow the Scottish Qualifications system and are one of only a few schools to offer a free choice of subjects.

However, we are more than just excellent academic results, and academic achievement is only one part of a wider mission of the Senior School as we continue to develop the ‘whole person’ through our five key aspirations – Personal Excellence, Delight in Learning, Faith and Values, Care & Respect, and Make a Difference. 

We look to form men and women for others in a way that encourages their God-given talents. Our aspiration for our pupils is that they find the balance between study and service. We want each pupil at the College to achieve academic excellence within the wider context of human excellence, developing their individual talents and skills to their full potential and using those skills for the benefit of others.

Our Senior School is based within our Glasgow City Centre Campus.

Address- 45 Hill St, Glasgow, G3 6RJ

Phone- 0141 332 3190