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24th February 2017

The Gonzaga Series: Fr Tim Byron SJ

The Gonzaga Series: Fr Tim Byron SJ

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The Gonzaga Series: Fr Tim Byron SJ

The annual Gonzaga lectures will start again in early March, this time commencing with Fr Byron’s topical talk on ‘Consolation: Helping Souls in a Time of Uncertainty’.

The Gonzaga series has been running for over twenty years, with the aim of providing accessible theological information to the wider public. The series has seen many notable speakers take the stage for the evening, including Claire Short, former Secretary of State for International Development under Tony Blair, as well as Nigel Baker, ambassador for the Vatican, and Brother Guy Consolmagno, director of the Vatican observatory. The theological community has provided the series, and the local Glasgow community, with extraordinary access to world-class speakers.

This year is no different. Fr Byron, the first to speak in the 2017 series, is the current chaplain to the Universities of Manchester, serving approximately 85,000 students in his role, which comprises the largest in Western Europe. He supports students to engage in an inspiring range of voluntary activities, from soup runs, to running the first student-run foodbank in the country. Fr Byron has travelled extensively throughout his career, from working in the shanty towns in Peru in his student days, to spending time in prisons, schools living with gypsies, and travelling in Madrid and the Philippines as part of his Jesuit formation.

We look forward to Fr Byron's talk. If you are interested in attending, the event is free, no booking is required, and will be held at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons at 7pm.