21st March 2017

Success on the Rugby Pitch

Success on the Rugby Pitch

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Success on the Rugby Pitch

Well done to the First Team Senior 7s, who won the High School of Glasgow’s 7s Tournament last Wednesday 15th March. The boys overcame superb opposition to win the tournament. The final match was closely contested, and the final was nail-biting. The boys beat Heriots 19-17 in the last second of the final!

Mr Tearney said, ‘the spirit that they showed throughout the tournament was incredible coming back from being 2 tries down twice. They were a true credit to themselves and the college.’

The results for the individual matches were as follows:

·         Glasgow Academy 15 -19

·         High school B 37 – 5

·         Wellington/Ayr 35 - 0

·         Austin Friars 31 – 5

·         Heriots 19-17

Congratulations to the boys for their tremendous effort and achievement!