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8th March 2017

Students Try Out Teaching

Students Try Out Teaching

Delight in Learning

Students Try Out Teaching

In the Junior School last week, students in the senior school had a go at being teachers. Armed with PowerPoints, pens, and whiteboards, the Higher history class informed and entertained Primary 5 Jura and Primary 5 Islay in a morning lesson.

It was a fortunate coincidence that, during a Kairos retreat, Mr Fitzpatrick and Miss Walls realised that Primary 5 and Higher history were studying the same topic. Miss Walls recounts that both were studying Scottish Wars; ‘we thought it would be beneficial both year groups to work together’.

Using study notes prepared earlier, the Higher students presented information to the younger students, who took notes for later use. Members of Higher history used a range of unusual teaching methods, including asking students to enact a battle, as well as encouraging other pupils to shout out answers. The primary classes were respectful and fully engaged, and the plan is now for students to present the facts and figures learnt back to other students.  

Miss Walls and Mrs Smith would like to thank the Higher History students for being so enthusiastic and captivating. They certainly showed us how to be men and women for others.