17th August 2017

St Aloysius’ Pupils Will Make ‘Great Things Happen’ at Oxford and Cambridge

St Aloysius’ Pupils Will Make ‘Great Things Happen’ at Oxford and Cambridge

Personal Excellence

St Aloysius’ Pupils Will Make ‘Great Things Happen’ at Oxford and Cambridge

The College is very proud to announce that three of our S6 pupils, Alexander Früh, Michael Dunn and Emily Kilgour, will be heading off to Oxford and Cambridge Universities to read Mathematics and Physics.

After today’s results announcements of the Cambridge STEP examinations we can confirm Alexander Früh achieved an ‘Outstanding’ Grade in STEP 2 and a ‘Very good’ Grade in STEP 3 and will take up a place to study Mathematics at Queen’s College, Cambridge in October 2018, following a gap year in the coming academic year.

The STEP examinations rank amongst the most challenging mathematical examinations in the world and are used by the University of Cambridge to ensure that the university attracts the most outstanding mathematicians from across the globe. Alexander’s STEP achievements are in addition to his accomplishment of three A band 1s in his SQA Advanced Highers this year, including 100% in Mathematics and 99% in Mathematics of Mechanics.

Michael Dunn performed excellently in the Oxford Mathematical Aptitude Test (MAT) last November gaining entrance to Oxford University’s Lincoln College on achieving his Advanced Highers. In keeping with his outstanding record of achievement of all A band 1 grades in his National 5s and Highers, Michael obtained A band 1s in all three of his Advanced Highers.

Emily Kilgour excelled in the Oxford Physics Aptitude Test (PAT) in November. She too went on to perform outstandingly in her Advanced Highers securing all A band 1s, adding to her record of all A band 1s in her National 5s and Highers. She achieved 99% in Advanced Higher Mathematics and one of the highest scores to date in the College for her Advanced Higher Physics Assignment. She will take up a place at St Edmund Hall, Oxford to study Physics this October.

The college is immensely proud of the achievements of all three pupils and all of their hard work over the past six years in the Senior School. All three have benefited from the mentoring programmes made available by the Mathematics and Physics Departments to help them prepare for entry to the Oxbridge Universities. They have also excelled in Mathematics and Physics competitions allowing them to compete with like-minded pupils from across the nation.

St Aloysius’ College has significant experience in supporting pupils who aspire to study at Oxford and Cambridge. Many of our academic departments operate as centres of excellence in their disciplines and can offer comprehensive support to pupils as they prepare for the demands of applying to world-class universities.

We would like to offer our very best wishes to Alexander, Michael and Emily as they take up their places at Oxford and Cambridge. Ad majora natus sum!