Religious Life
22nd August 2016

St Aloysius' Pupils Celebrated for Work with Mary's Meals

St Aloysius' Pupils Celebrated for Work with Mary's Meals

Make a Difference

The College’s Junior School Charities Club had the privilege of taking part in a special Mass before the Summer Holidays to recognise the incredible work of Mary’s Meals and to be congratulated on their own contributions to one of St Aloysius’ College’s most widely supported charities.

Mass was lead by Bishop John Keenan in St Aloysius Church to celebrate the work of Mary’s Meals, a Catholic charity who encourage children from underprivileged areas of the world to attend school by providing pupils with one cooked meal per day.

Members of the Junior School Charities Club were invited to serve on the alter and assist with the offertory during Mass before dancing the night away at a ceilidh held in the College Hall to raise awareness for the work of Mary’s Meals.

Perfectly representing the College ethos of ‘Men and Women for Others’, the Charities Club has guided the pupils of St Aloysius’ College Junior School to raise over £9160 for Mary’s Meals since 2013 and send more than 1500 backpacks full of essential items to help children in Africa.

Founder of Mary’s Meals, Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, spoke to the young Aloysians after Mass and was full of praise for all they had achieved with the Junior School Charities Club, especially for inspiring so much support for Mary’s Meals amongst their fellow pupils.

The young Aloysians were also invited to speak at the Mary’s Meals International Conference about the work they do through the Junior School Charities Club and a number of attendees praised how knowledgeable and confident the young Aloysians were.

Discussing her long-standing dedication to helping the work of Mary’s Meals, P6 pupil Helen said,

“We have been filling backpacks since Primary 1 to send with Mary’s Meals to Malawi and I really like the way the whole school gets involved from Kindy to P7.”

Whilst Alice of P4 added,

 “We give our money to ‘Donate a Dinner’ because we donate a wee bit of money to poor people and our wee bit of money makes a BIG difference.”