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23rd February 2017

St Aloysius' College Commemorates the Year of Romero

St Aloysius' College Commemorates the Year of Romero

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St Aloysius' College Commemorates the Year of Romero

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Oscar Romero, former Archbishop of San Salvador. Archbishop Romero championed the rights of the poor, at a time of increasing political tension between church and state, which would go on to become the Salvadoran Civil War. He was assassinated on 24th March 1980 as he was celebrating Mass in the chapel of the Divine Providence cancer hospital. 35 years later, he was declared a martyr, and was officially beatified by the church.

Archbishop Romero’s life was marked by his dedication to the most impoverished in society, so much so that during the ceremony of his beatification, Pope Francis remarked ‘his ministry was distinguished by a particular attention to the most poor and marginalized’.

In El Salvador, it has been declared the Year of Romero. Across the world, people are celebrating the life and legacy of the Archbishop.

To commemorate the occasion in the UK, the Archbishop Romero Trust has organised a series of lectures given by Sr Martha Zechmeister, Romero scholar and teacher of theology at the University in San Salvador. The College is delighted to announce that they will host the event in Glasgow, as part of ‘Romero Week’. Sr Martha Zechmeister's lecture, ‘The Secret of Romero: Passion for God and Compassion for the Poor’, will be held in the college at 7pm on Tuesday 21st March. If you are interested in attending, please come along. The event is free, and no booking is required.