27th August 2016

St Aloysius' College Announces Pupil Captains for New Academic Year

St Aloysius' College Announces Pupil Captains for New Academic Year

Personal Excellence

St Aloysius’ College has announced Senior School Captains for the new academic year and they were presented with their distinguishing Captains Ties during Senior School Assembly in St Aloysius Church.

Standing before pupils and staff in St Aloysius Church, Depute Head, Mrs Erskine, said it was an honour to announce the newest set of St Aloysius’ College Captains and congratulated them on all they had achieved in their academic and co-curricular pursuits.

Liam Martin was announced as Head Boy whilst Nicole Donnelly was announced as Head Girl for the coming Academic Year.

They led their fellow College Captains to the front of St Aloysius Church where each pupil received a Captain’s Tie and congratulations from the Head of Senior School, Mr Reilly, and rapturous applause from their fellow pupils and proud teachers.

The Head Boy and Head Girl will serve as representatives for St Aloysius’ College throughout the year along with ten College Captains who will help support younger pupils through service, guidance and example.

Captains and Vice Captains were also selected as leading representatives of Christian Formation, Pupil Voice, Hockey, Rugby, Football, Basketball, Climbing, Athletics and Music. They were presented with the Captains Tie as a symbol of their commitment and responsibility to these key areas of life at St Aloysius’ College.

St Aloysius’ College Captains and Vice Captains 2016/17

Head Boy - Liam Martin

Head Girl - Nicole Donnelly

College Captain - Honor McWilliams

College Captain - Heather McDonald

College Captain - Cara Richardson

College Captain - Kathryn Thompson

College Captain - Abbie Macguire

College Captain - Guiseppe Dunn

College Captain - Owen Barrie

College Captain - Charlie Devlin

College Captain - Lewis Reilly

College Captain - Michael Dunn

Hockey - Alice Solerod

Hockey (vice) - Olivia Mullen

Rugby - Thomas Mullan

Rugby (vice) - Michael Hughes

Football - Alberto Vezza

Climbing - Emily Kelly

Basketball - Kessy Iracanye

Athletics - Thomas Fegan

Music - Shona MacPherson

Music (vice) - Natasha Jenkins

Pupil Voice - Hannah Bryson

PV (vice) - Peter Stockwell

PV (vice) - James Frazier McBride

Christian Formation - Jennifer Docherty

CF (vice) - Ross Agar

CF (vice) - Dominic Simpson

CF (vice) - Frances Wilson

St Aloysius' College pupils return to classes after Senior School Assembly.