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20th January 2016

Seniors and Juniors on same page for Story Time Collabortation

Seniors and Juniors on same page for Story Time Collabortation

Delight in Learning

Pupils of S3 and S4 English used their creative talents to ignite the imaginations of Aloysians in the Kindergarten and Junior School by writing and reading original stories about some of the best-loved characters from Children’s Literature.

S4 Aloysians worked with Primary 2 pupils to find out more about their favourite characters and come up with imaginative ideas about what the stories could involve.

The Senior School pupils then went away and created stories based on the ideas and characters to read back to the Primary 2 pupils.

The stories included characters such as Mr and Mrs Twitt, the Gruffalo, Mr Bounce and the Three Little Piggies.

The young Aloysians loved hearing the stories and have begun working on their own illustrations which will be put together with the short-stories in a special book to celebrate the S4 and P2 collaboration.

Mrs Freer, who teaches the S4 English class and organised the project, said,

“Both sets of pupils have been animated, engaged and have worked in a productive and enthusiastic manner throughout the project.”

You can read excerpts from some of the stories written by S4 English pupils below.

Mr Meechan’s S3 English Class also put their talents to use by writing Christmas Stories to read to delighted Kindergarten pupils in the run up to the Christmas Holidays.

The S3 English Class began work on the project in late-November after the Head of Kindergarten, Mrs Docherty, visited them to speak about what made a good children’s story.

The pupils then worked in pairs to write, edit and illustrate their very own stories to read to Kindergarten children.

Reflecting on the outcome of the project, Mr Meechan said,

“I’m delighted with how well this all went and I hope to make this an annual S3 activity. It challenged the pupils to work on their writing, reading and talking skills in a different way than usual“.

Christmas Story time 2

Extracts of the stories written by S4 Aloysians for P2 pupils

From the Transformation of Mrs Twit

“Mr Twit had things growing in his beard that had been there for a long time and Mrs Twit had so much spaghetti in her hair you couldn’t tell what was food and what was hair.”

From Mr Bounce Loses his Leap

“Mr Bounce called Mr Helpful and asked him to come round again to fix the washing machine so he could get his Bounce back. Mr Helpful was such a helpful friend, he even knew how to fix such domestic items. After he had found his Bounce he went and thanked everyone who had looked for his bounce with a great big smile on his face”

From Mr Happy and His Friends Beat the Blues

“Mr Happy is a very contented man who cares for his friends and family. He is round and yellow, like a party balloon, and has a large smile that you can see from a mile away!”

Christmas Stories

Extracts from the Christmas stories written by S3 Aloysians for Kindergarten pupils

From ‘Sleepy Santa’ by Claudia Kyle and Orla Rose Quinn S3

“Oh no!” said the elves. “Santa won’t be awake to deliver all the presents!”

From ‘Where’s My Snowman?’ by Andrew Hughes and Michael Higgins S3

“She went to the kitchen to get some ice for her drink, and there he was using the freezer as an ice rink!”

From ‘Lead Up To Christmas’ by Isaac Mitchell and Cerys O’Connor S3

“Christmas is a time for laughter and joy, and you might even get your favourite toy”. 

Christmas Story Time