24th February 2017

Senior School Tackles Bullying Head-On

Senior School Tackles Bullying Head-On

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Senior School Tackles Bullying Head-On

In the past months, the school has committed enthusiasm and creativity to combat bullying. This week, two separate competitions saw winners awarded prizes for their perceptive and unique responses.

The entire senior school was involved in the national anti-bullying campaign ‘Power for Good’, which ran in November, and highlighted the ways in which we can use words and actions to support one another against bullying. Dr Simpson, who was involved in organising the competition, congratulated all those who entered, saying ‘there are so many talented people around the school’.

Congratulations go to Christie Cook (S1), who takes first prize in the ‘Artwork’ category for her simple, effective and eye-catching poster; to Olivia Mathias (S2) who wins the ‘Audio Visual’ category for her inventive anti-bullying song based on the tune of ‘Rockabye’; and to Dominic Docherty (S4), awarded first prize in the ‘Ideas’ category for his inspired idea to set up a new peer support network in the college.

In the literature department, bullying has also been a topic of discussion. The S2 ‘Bullying in Literature Project’, launched a few years ago by the department, has given pupils the opportunity to consider how the world’s greatest writers address their own, and their characters’, experience of bullying. Speaking at assembly, Mr Young noted the difficulty of choosing winners. ‘Every year, the wisdom, sympathy and insight pupils have shown in their responses to reading about these characters has moved and impressed us, and this year the quality of the projects is the highest it’s ever been’.

Well done to all those involved, and particular congratulations go to the runner-up Abby Rose (S2), and the winner Orla Morrow (S2) for their contributions.

Orla’s moving project contained wise advice that we all should heed:

Words are extremely powerful. They can be used to do good or bad. Unfortunately, many people use their words in harmful ways which can hurt other people. It is important to always use your words kindly so they don’t hurt others.

The words you use are the words that represent who you are as a person, represent yourself in the best way you can.

You have the power to make or break someone’s entire day! Please remember to consider other people’s feelings before you say something.

                                                Words Are Powerful.

                                                                                Choose Your Words Wisely.