9th June 2017

S6 Induction day

S6 Induction day

Delight in Learning

S6 Induction Day

The move from S5 to S6 is a big one, it involves a huge increase in self-reliance paired with the burden of being role models for the rest of the school. To ease us into this new role we had a two-day introduction which made apparent to us the challenges and opportunities which lay ahead. Although the subject matter was sometimes heavy, the Induction Days served as a gradual transition after a long hard month of study leave.

The first day involved looking forward to S6 and the potential opportunities that lie therein. We started off by partially creating the S6 contract which we will sign in August. It outlines the promises which must be kept in S6 so we are effective role models in the school. Then to build on this we dissected the Jesuit Pupil Profile analysing each pair of words adding kid-friendly definitions. Through this we learned the different ways we can describe Jesuit values to younger pupils.

In the afternoon, we had a chance to complete the Myers-Briggs test in order to give us a better understanding of ourselves and those around us. The test involved us looking at how we function and questioning our natural preferences to different situations. Are you introverted, preferring to think rather than act and thriving in quieter environments? Or are you an extrovert, more comfortable in loud busy environments which involve quick action? By answering these questions and others like it we could construct a four-letter code which best reflected or personality type. We began to see that there are a wide array of individuals in our year with varying situational preferences. The test also allowed us to see what potential occupation would suit us best given the four-letter code. This would help when searching for potential career opportunities when we created our UCAS profiles the following day.

The second day focused more on the practical element of S6 involving team building exercises, safeguarding training and creating our UCAS profile. Although heavy in its subject matter the safeguarding was an informative part of the two days. This is due to the practical advice we received on how to deal with a potential situation if it was to arise.

Although the UCAS process is daunting, having it laid out step by step really helped. We were provided with examples of both good and bad personal statements, allowing us to put in perspective what was needed of us. We then created our UCAS profile, the first step in beginning the UCAS process. After this was completed we then looked, through the options available through the UCAS website, at potential routes to go down after we leave school. Although stressful, having a good understanding of what is required of us alleviated some of the worry that may loom over us as we enter S6.

As a bit of fun to end the two days we finished with a few team building exercises. This involved us taking part in a variety of tasks such as: creating the perfect team mate, building a famous monument from nothing but paper and creating the best paper aeroplane. This was a nice bookend to Induction Day as it was a laugh, but it served the practical benefit of team work and coordination that may be required of us in S6.

The sixth-year experience can be a fun and rewarding one if we make the best of the opportunities we are given. This was communicated through these Induction Days, which served their purpose to showcase what S6 has to offer as well as the training we needed to safely carry out our new responsibilities.

Aidan Vickers (S6)