8th June 2016

S3 Spanish Pupils FInd Delight in Learning on trip to Madrid

S3 Spanish Pupils FInd Delight in Learning on trip to Madrid

Delight in Learning

St Aloysius’ College's S3 Spanish pupils had no problem at all finding true delight in learning as they immersed themselves in the language and culture of Spain during a Magis Curriculum-inspired class trip to Madrid.

Accompanied by teaching staff from the College’s Modern Languages Department, a group of 24 Aloysians began their adventure in Madrid with a traditional Spanish activity – an afternoon siesta at their hotel.

Suitably refreshed after their early morning flight , the pupils spent their first evening in Madrid immersing themselves in the Spanish language with a trip to the Filmoteca Espanyol to watch The Lion King in Spanish – El Rey Leon.

In a city with so much to offer, the five-day trip was full of cultural highlights such as the famous Prado Museum and the Reina Sofia Museum, Spain’s National Museum of 20th Century Art which houses works by Picasso and Dali.

Seizing every opportunity to explore Madrid’s historic streets, grand plazas and magnificent parks, the S3 pupils also enjoyed walking tours, bus tours and picnic lunches throughout their time in the Spanish capital.

A tour of Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu and a Mass in the beautiful Basilica de Jesus Medinaceli rounded off a memorable programme of sight-seeing activities.

Towards the end of the trip the Aloysians had the chance to test their language skills with a Spanish workshop at the Don Quijote Language School and an afternoon of conversation with pupils of Madrid’s Bi-Lingual Primary School, CEP Wiston Churchill.

Reflecting on the trip and the visit to the CEP Winston Churchill, Madrid’s Bi-Lingual School, Miss Ramsay, the Director of Links Abroad at St Aloysius’ College, said,

“One of the highlights was our visit to the Winston Churchill bilingual primary school, organised by Elena Monteagudo who has been a link in Spain for the College Modern Languages department for many years.”

“She recently received a Spanish government grant and came to Glasgow for three weeks in April 2016 to observe and write a report on various aspects of teaching and learning at St Aloysius College. The visit was hugely enjoyed by all the pupils who interviewed each other in Spanish and English over the course of a morning.”

“The trip to Madrid was a great success with an action packed programme including lots of opportunities for the pupils to practise their Spanish.”