2nd February 2018

S3 Pupils Reflect on Talk by Mr Jahan Mahmood

S3 Pupils Reflect on Talk by Mr Jahan Mahmood

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S3 Pupils Reflect on Talk by Mr Jahan Mahmood

On Monday 13th November, Mr Jahan Mahmood came to talk to S3 students about the contribution of Indian soldiers in WW2. The props that he used – including frag grenades and an STG 44 assault rifle - were amazing and gave us a real insight into the war. Mr Mahmood told us stories of amazing soldiers and civilians that what showed great signs of bravery and were awarded the George Cross and the Victoria Cross. I really enjoyed the lecture and it kept me, and everyone, interested. I hope to see more of this kind of event in the future.

Christian Fegan – 3N

We were very fortunate to have Mr Mahmood speaking to us on Monday about Indian soldiers in WW2. He told many inspiring stories about courageous soldiers who were awarded for their bravery on the battlefield. I think something we all took away from the lecture was that we are all equal and are all very much able to make small yet significant impact on the lives of others.

Rennie Mackechnie – 3H

Following on from Remembrance Sunday, we had a lecture presented by Mr Mahmood about the role Indian soldiers played in helping Britain in WW2. The lecture was brought to life with the realistic props that Mr Mahmood used. I found the pictures really interesting and I now have a much greater appreciation of the contribution that these brave men and women made to the war effort.

Abby Rose McLaughlin – 3K

On Monday 13th November, the whole of S3 received an informative talk about Indian soldiers in WW2. Mr Mahmood gave a great presentation about the different people who came to help Britain and France in the war. He also took the time to bring some interesting props, including weapons, bullets and medals that were used in the war. My favourite part was all the pictures of brave men and women that came from India to contribute to the British war effort.

Eve McLernon – 3K