6th June 2017

S2 Environment Day

S2 Environment Day

Delight in Learning

S2 Environment Day

On the Monday and Tuesday of Wellbeing week, all S2 pupils took part in Environment Day.

In the morning, they were challenged by PhD students from Strathclyde University’s Wind and Marine Energy Systems Centre to find the best design of a model wind turbine and present on their choice of site for a wind farm. The morning was a fantastic opportunity for pupils from the College to meet and participate in physics with students from a university.

In the afternoon, S2 visited Whitelees Wind Farm to see the impressive reality of these huge machines close up. The Countryside Ranger was on hand to discuss the ecological impact and the measures taken to mitigate this. It was a great occasion for pupils to see their classroom experiments in action on a large scale.

Thanks to Strathclyde University for their support on this project, in particular the PhD students who came along and helped out, and the Countryside Ranger for teaching our pupils about wind power.