15th December 2015

S1 Comic Books Spread Anti-Bullying Message

S1 Comic Books Spread Anti-Bullying Message

Care and Respect

The pupils of an S1 English Class created some ‘spectacular’ work when they were asked to design their own comic strip or illustrated story to help spread the message of Bullying Awareness Week.

Teachers of the 1K English Class held an Anti-Bullying Comic competition to inspire pupils to work creatively whilst engaging with the messages of Bullying Awareness Week.

The whole class put a great deal effort into the project and were all rewarded with juice, snacks and music during one of their lessons.

It was during this celebration that Eva Pryce, Elena Maiolani and Eve McLernon were announced as winners of the competition for their outstanding work and presented with £10 Gift Vouchers for Waterstones.

Anti Bullying

The Assistant Head of English, Mr Young, who was one of the teachers who organised the competition, said

“The results were pretty spectacular – some pieces were among the best examples of work I’ve ever seen from an S1 Class”

Anti Bullying Comic 2