16th December 2015

Record Numbers Attending Lab Rats Science Club

Record Numbers Attending Lab Rats Science Club


St Aloysius’ College has introduced a new lunchtime Science Club which gives S1 -S3 pupils the chance to test out short, sharp, fun experiments, and the new club has proven hugely popular thanks to a ‘natural curiosity for Science’ which it's helping uncover in a growing number of Aloysians.

The Lab Rats Science Club is run by Chemistry Teacher, Dr Jobson, who explained that the idea behind the club was to give the scientific Aloysians the chance to carry out, and learn from, fun experiments in the course of just one lunch period.

 “I wanted to talk about exciting science that has a real-world application, get pupils involved and asking questions, then allow them the freedom to investigate further.  Ideally, I want to enthuse pupils such that they want to demonstrate and explain these principles to their family and friends.”

More and more pupils have been attending each week and the club now boasts a regular attendance of around 25 pupils who spend one lunchtime a week learning from imaginative science experiments.

One week, the Aloysians learned how to inflate a huge balloon with just one breath through a technique used by firefighters, and the next they were walking on eggshells, discovering the science behind how eggs can endure such surprising amounts of weight.

Dr Jobson is thrilled with how pupils have responded to Lab Rats, and the Chemistry teacher has put it down to exactly the kind of curiosity which the College’s Jesuit Ethos encourages,

“I have been absolutely delighted with the response, we have been at full capacity each week.  There is a natural curiosity for Science in St Aloysius' and based on what I have seen so far, we have many brilliant scientists in the making!”

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