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14th March 2018

Raymond Perrier Gives Annual Romero Lecture

Raymond Perrier Gives Annual Romero Lecture

Faith and Values

Director of the Denis Hurley Centre visits College for Romero Lecture

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of welcoming Raymond Perrier, Director of the Denis Hurley Centre in Durban South Africa, to the College. Raymond was here to give the annual Romero Centre lecture titled, “South Africa – a model of reconciliation or a caution?”

He spoke in-depth about the life of Archbishop Hurley, who was an outspoken opponent of Apartheid and a seeker of social justice - “a voice for the voiceless”.

He gave a unique insight into the problems currently facing South Africa, in terms of inequalities of class, and the high levels of unemployment within the city of Durban.

Raymond discussed how reconciliation may be a ‘work in progress’ in South Africa as it gave little insight into how to live harmoniously in the future, leading to the country’s current disparities.

Continuing the work of Archbishop Hurley and his quest for social justice in South Africa, the Denis Hurley Centre is a beacon of the community and aims to serve the needs of the poorest people in Durban. The centre serves approximately 300 homeless people per day and provides health care to 30,000 people in need. It also stages regular concerts and provides the community with a range of classes and activities.

The centre is staffed by mostly volunteers from all religious backgrounds and regularly works with the local Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu community.

To find out more about the Denis Hurley Centre or if you would like to donate please visit their website.