27th April 2017

Pupils Awarded Colours for Exceptional Commitment to Sport

Pupils Awarded Colours for Exceptional Commitment to Sport

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Pupils Awarded Colours for Exceptional Commitment to Sport

This week, the Headmaster celebrated the success of a number of senior pupils who were awarded Colours for various sporting achievements. It takes a huge amount of dedicated effort and talent to reach this high level, and each pupil should be congratulated.

Colours were awarded to the following pupils:

Bailey Dickson - Climbing

Nathan Gallagher - Climbing

Kieran Cameron - Football

Laurence Clark - Football

Nathan Gallagher - Football

Michael J Hughes - Football

Enrico Janetta - Football

Christopher Mullen - Football

Erin Campbell - Hockey

Niamh Daly - Hockey

Maria Hillier - Hockey

Claragh Kean - Hockey

Sarah Kelly - Hockey

Erin McComish - Hockey

Lara Monaghan - Hockey

Josephine A O’Brien - Hockey

Fergus Andrew - Rugby

Louis Campbell - Rugby

Max Duffy - Rugby

Luke Jack - Rugby

Joshua Kelly - Rugby

Christopher Lynas - Rugby

Nicholas McAllister - Rugby

Mark McCourtney - Rugby

Nicholas Sutherland - Rugby

The College also recognised pupils who selflessly gave up time and energy to help others. For their outstanding service to the Justice and Peace Society, the Headmaster offered awards to:

Eve Kelly

Anna-Louise Saunders

Johnathan D Sciallo

Finally, the College awarded to two exceptional footballers in S4 (pictured). Normally, Colours are not awarded below 5th year, however in recognition of their representing the Independent Schools of Scotland at football, Colours were awarded to:

Christopher J Stafford

Gian Luca Vezza.

Congratulations to all!