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16th February 2017

Public Speaking Club Show Their Appreciation for S6 Leaders

Public Speaking Club Show Their Appreciation for S6 Leaders

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Public Speaking Club Show Their Appreciation for S6 Leaders

Last week, members of the the thriving Public Speaking Club celebrated their two S6 leaders. Honor McWilliams (S6) and James Frazier (S6) were presented with gifts and cards to commemorate their contributions to the club over the past months. As well as devising fun activities for this popular lunchtime club, the two have overseen an innovative programme of talent development, which has resulted in a hugely successful year for public speaking in the College.

The dynamic duo have successfully encouraged a wide range of pupils to take part in external competitions, and the club has expanded, with now over 40 members. In conjunction with Dr Simpson, Mr Meechan and Mr Ruddy, they have supported younger pupils to represent the College in many major tournaments this year. Among the highlights are Honor’s own victory in the final of the Glasgow Rotary Individual Speaker competition, James Frazier’s second place in the Glasgow Speakers Club final, and the triumph of three S2 pupils (Humzah Razzaq, Scarlett Morris and Eva Pryce) in the District Final of Rotary’s team event, ‘Youth Speaks!’. In addition, S2 pupils Alex Carson, Charlotte Norton, Eva Pryce and Scarlett Morris were highly commended in their first attempt at the Procurator Fiscal (COPFS) competition, and feedback from senior legal figures was most encouraging.

This is only part of the picture, as there have also been internal qualifiers and speeches at assemblies, contributions to prayer services and other events where the talents of this generous bunch have been put on display for the greater good. Whether visiting the Scottish Parliament, attending out of hours heats, or hosting other schools, the members of this club have been first class ambassadors for the Green Blazer.

Amongst those regularly contributing have been Ryan Duffy (S4), Lucy Docherty (S3), Grace McWilliams (S3), Cara McAllister (S2), Lucas McMenemy (S5), Jaxon McMenemy (S3), Kathleen Irvine (S2), Abby Rose McLaughlin (S2), Stephanie Weir (S1) and Beth Bleakley (S1). When James and Honor leave the College at the end of this session, it is clear that they leave the Public Speaking Club in a great position to build on their legacy in the years to come.