9th February 2018

Primary 6 become their heroes for one night

Primary 6 become their heroes for one night

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Junior School Heroes Night 2018

It is one of the most anticipated events of the year at St Aloysius’ College and 2018’s Heroes Night did not disappoint.

Every year our Primary 6 classes transform into an individual from history they admire. This year, each and every one of our pupils put in a great deal of effort and it didn’t go unnoticed.

In the hall we had William Wallace detailing the Scottish Wars of Independence to Alexander Graham Bell…perhaps discussing how handy telephones would have been back then!

We also had Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, Edmund Hillary, Princess Diana, Winston Churchill and Florence Nightingale to name but a few.

Our judges, Dr Simpson form the Senior School and Mr Gilmartin from the Junior School, were greatly impressed by all our pupils and had the difficult job of choosing one winner from each class.

Mr Gilmartin, who has been judging the competition since 2001, was first to pick his winner. He noted some stand out individuals but the prize ultimately went to Orla Kelly whose chosen hero was Katherine Johnson, NASA computer and subject of the recent movie Hidden Figures.

Dr Simpson also had some honourable mentions before choosing her winner, Jed Hocking, who came as Jacques Cousteau.

The night isn’t just about dressing up. Each of our pupils learn as much information as they can about their chosen hero and recite it to the parents in attendance. A lot of work and preparation goes in by all the pupils (and parents!) and every year we are in awe of how much the pupils learn about their hero.

Well done to all our pupils, you were all winners in our eyes!

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