28th August 2015

P7 Pupils Achieve top marks in Italian Int 1

P7 Pupils Achieve top marks in Italian Int 1

St Aloysius’ College has once again achieved outstanding exam results right across the board and, like many success stories enjoyed throughout the Aloysian Community, the extraordinary results achieved by the pupils of P7 in their Intermediate 1 Italian exam are worthy of special praise. Pupils, teachers and parents of the Junior School were delighted when the SQA results were released last week and it quickly became clear that each and every pupil from P7 had achieved an A in their Intermediate 1 Italian Exam.

In total, 17 boys and girls from Prep I, the College’s Italian P7 Class, sat Intermediate 1 Italian and thanks to their hard work and commitment to the subject, all 17 pupils achieved top marks in the exam which is usually taken by pupils in S3.

To offer their personal congratulations, Mrs Davidson, Head of Juniors, and Dr Brady, the Head of the Junior School, sent each pupil a letter in which they spoke of how delighted they were with the results and how extremely proud they were of each pupil.

Dr Brady added "As a school, we are incredibly proud of this outstanding achievement from our P7 pupils. It is inspiring to see such hard work and dedication of both the pupils and staff involved be rewarded with such a fantastic set of results."

Both Dr Brady and Mrs Davidson also wished to extend their congratulations to the teachers of Italian, Ms Airoldi, Mrs Frisina and Miss Paterson.

For a number of years now, the College has offered an innovative Bi-Lingual Italian programme and in 2013 St Aloysius’ College was the proud recipient of the European Language Label Award for innovative language teaching.