9th February 2018

P3 celebrate the end of the Carnival season

P3 celebrate the end of the Carnival season

Delight in Learning

The Junior School languages curriculum at St Aloysius' College aims to be progressive, challenging and fun, helping pupils find joy in discovering different languages and cultures.

Yesterday, our P3 pupils took part in their very own Modern Languages Carnival. The Modern Languages Carnival was organised by the Junior School language teachers to give pupils a taste of Spanish and Italian traditions.

The young Aloysians learnt poems and songs about Carnival in Spanish and Italian and prepared their own masks, banners and decorations for the School Sports Hall to celebrate the end of the Carnival season.

The pupils played party games like Musical statues, Pass the parcel and Piñata, before savouring some special Carnival pancakes (which went down a treat).

Well done to Primary 3 for their superb effort in creating wonderful costumes which included an inflatable dinosaur, a Venetian gondolier and a Spanish matador!


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