Religious Life
19th April 2018

Novena to the Sacred Heart

Novena to the Sacred Heart

Faith and Values

Something to think and pray about

As our young people prepare to begin their examinations they may experience a range of thoughts and emotions. They may be confident in their work and ability. They may feel that they have made steady progress. However, there may also be times when they are apprehensive, they may doubt themselves, they may realise that time has passed too quickly and feel somewhat daunted by the task ahead. As parents, guardians, and teachers we seek to engender their confidence in themselves and their abilities, we seek to encourage them to work diligently to achieve their full potential. Most of all we want them to be aware that they are valued as individuals and loved for their own sakes.

As a way of expressing our solidarity with them, we are encouraging all parents, guardians, and staff to participate in a Novena to the Sacred Heart. This is a very old tradition in the Church. It gives us an opportunity to spend time in Our Lord’s presence, reflect, engage in dialogue and pray for the success of our young people. This only takes a few minutes each day.

We urge everyone to log onto the Sacred Space website here and make the Novena to the Sacred Heart over the next nine days. You may also wish to explore the Sacred Space website to get some ideas about how you can make prayer part of your daily routine.