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23rd June 2016

New S1 Introduced to Life in the Green Blazer

New S1 Introduced to Life in the Green Blazer

Care and Respect

St Aloysius’ College had the privilege of introducing yet another fantastic year group to life in the Green Blazer with the College’s annual Orientation Day, a day where any worries held by the newest Senior School pupils were put at ease thanks to the wise words of current S1 pupils who shared their personal experiences and offered tips for a fun and productive Secondary 1.

St Aloysius’ College holds an orientation day each year to give new S1 classes the chance to get to know one and other before their first day in the Senior School in August.

Whether a pupil is moving up from the College’s Primary 7 or starting their story in the Green Blazer from a different school, the Orientation Day marks an important stage in the transition process.

The Aloysians were expertly mentored throughout the day by S6 pupils who took them on a tour of the College and helped them discover more about each other through interactive activities.

The year group then came together for a joyous Mass led by Fr Banyard, with music supplied by an S1 Choir accompanied by Mr Cluckie, Physics, and Mr McHugh, Geography, on keyboard and guitar.

During the afternoon, two current S1 pupils, Humzah and Mackenzie, who are members of the College’s Public Speaking Club, offered words of wisdom to the newest group of Senior Aloysians on how to make the most of their time in Secondary 1.

Read their eloquent speeches which offer excellent insight into life in Green Blazer below.

Mackenzie – My S1 Experience at St Aloysius’ College

My name is Mackenzie and I am here today to talk to you about my experience in S1.

Coming into S1 from the Junior School I was quite worried that I wasn’t going to be in a class with any of my friends but in fact it was the complete opposite of my worries as I was actually in a class with all my friends but the best part of my new class, however, was all the new people I got a chance to meet that came in from different schools and different classes that I never got a chance to talk to before.

I also thought that I wouldn’t fit into my new timetable with all of the new subjects but once again I was wrong as I had so many nice and welcoming teachers and I adjusted to new S1 life so fast.

In S1 there are so many clubs and activities to join and some clubs that I have been in are Public Speaking, Lab Rats and Photography Club. Public Speaking gives you lots of confidence and experience to do talks, discussions and debates. Lab Rats is a brilliant way to do fun science experiments and really enjoy them. Photography Club is a brilliant club if you’re interested in art or photography and is really fun.

On a Thursday you will usually go out to Games which is when the Girls go out to Glasgow Green to play hockey and the boys to Millerston to play Rugby. In S1 I was very fortunate to be selected to play for the College in the S1A team and it was sometimes challenging in matches but it was very fun and a happy experience to be selected throughout the year.

When it was nearing the end of my time in S1 it was time for the exams and I was really nervous because I hadn’t done exams in Senior School before. Thankfully the school gave helpful study guides to us and as I continued to do my exams I kept thinking what Mrs. Sturrock and Mr. Meechan had been saying: to keep calm and not to be nervous and that is what I did. If you ever worry about exams just believe in yourself and be confident and you will be just fine.

Thanks so much for listening to my S1 experience and I hope you enjoy your time in S1 as much as I did.

Humzah – My S1 Experience at St Aloysius’ College

My name is Humzah and I, like you, was once a new first year. I came from my local primary school which was St. Andrews and then I joined St Aloysius’ College in first year.

Your first year at St Aloysius’ College really is an important year. Yes, there’s no important exams, you’re not doing Duke of Edinburgh but the year is still important. This is the year where teachers learn who you are, it is the year where you join clubs and even the year where you make new friends.

Your first day there are so many ways you can feel, nervous and overwhelmed, but know that the first day is the only day you feel like that, in a few days you know how things work, and maybe even your way around the building. The teachers are always there for you and you really can ask them anything.

S1 is filled with so many opportunities and clubs. I was in the S1 Bugsy Malone drama performance and I also went to many clubs. I took part in the Rotary public speaking competition and another club I went to was called Lab Rats which was a science club where we took part in lots of experiments and that is one I recommend.

At the end of the year you will go on an outdoor residential trip for about three or four nights. I went to Loch Eil in Fort William where I really enjoyed myself. You will take part in various activities like climbing, kayaking, gorge walking, hillwalking and lots of other team building exercises. My personal favourite was gorge walking. Also it is important to know that anything you are uneasy about in this trip or nervous about, you are not forced to do anything. The residential was my favourite highlight of the year.

My advice for you all is number one, chill, it’s a busy year it can be a lot to take in but it’s fine you’ll get it. Number 2, join as many clubs as you can, you can meet other people from across the year group and make new friends. Also, never be afraid to ask for anything, if you have a problem, you can tell your form tutor, your head of year, assistant head of year, Mrs Miolani and Miss Doak.

I wish you good luck in your first year at St. Aloysius College.