29th September 2016

Law and Order Focus for S6 Debate and Lecture

Law and Order Focus for S6 Debate and Lecture


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Law and Order Focus for S6 Debate and Lecture

Law and Order has been the theme for the first of this year's Debate and Lecture series, with pupils receiving an insight into the lives of a Detective Inspector and a lawyer.

Chief Inspector Carty from Police Scotland regaled students with tales from his day job, it's challenges and the skills involved, before Austin Lafferty, OA and lawyer entertained with his pathway to success. Lecture organiser, James Frazier McBride is pictured with Austin Lafferty (above).

Below are some reflections from students who sat in on the talks.

Mary McGuire

On the 16th September, sixth year attended their second lecture during the weekly Debate and Lecture session. The guest speaker was Detective Inspector Carty from Police Scotland. DI Carty presented an interesting and at times amusing talk about his daily job and the challenges he faces. His informal approach was welcomed by all and he was happy to allow those in the audience to make their own points and ask questions which he answered honestly. His wide array of knowledge and expertise gained by working in many different areas of Police Scotland was helpful in ensuring an informative talk for the year group. I would like to take this opportunity to thank DI Carty for giving the presentation and also James Frazier McBride for organising the Lecture for this week.

Erin Butler

In debate and lecture last week, 6th year were visited by guest speaker, Austin Lafferty, a lawyer, journalist and broadcaster. He spoke to us about being a lawyer and how he got into broadcasting and journalism and shared some of his experiences with us. His advice and personal experience about leaving school and going into university and beyond was very helpful for us all. This was very informative and interesting for sixth year as a whole and especially those of us wanting to study law after we leave school. Thanks to James Frazier for organising this for our year group