Trips and Activities
16th December 2015

Language Pupils Taste the World at Christmas Market

Language Pupils Taste the World at Christmas Market

Delight in Learning

As a Jesuit School, St Aloysius’ College encourages pupils to find deeper learning in every experience, and this ethos was demonstrated perfectly when Modern Language pupils from the Junior School visited Glasgow’s International Christmas Market to experience different languages and cultures through food and celebration.

Accompanied by S6 pupils and staff, the P5 Modern Languages pupils made their way to St Enoch Square for the International Christmas Market where they received a guided educational tour, sampling food from each of the stalls and learning about the cultures they originate from.

The Aloysians sampled food from Spain, France, Italy, Germany, India and Australia and greeted each trader in their native language and even had a go at completing full orders in Spanish and Italian.

Christmas Market 1

The Christmas Market also provided Junior pupils with an Education Passport which taught them all about the history of Christmas Markets and about how Christmas is celebrated in the cultures of Germany, Italy, Span and France.

Christmas Market Education Passport

Christmas Market 2