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5th June 2017

Junior School Rocks!

Junior School Rocks!

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Junior School Rocks!

The year is 2304, and music is dead; the age of Ga Ga has begun. An ancient entertainment phenomenon known as ‘Pop Idol’ has led to the downfall of music, and the evil Globalsoft Corporation has taken over. It is up to the bohemians to save the world from the Killer Queen and her brain dead followers…

This was the plot of the brilliant Junior School Show, ‘We Will Rock You’, which took to the stage last week. The show was a technically impressive delight, featuring retro costumes, projected video footage and singalong hits from the ever-popular Queen. It’s safe to say the cast and crew wowed audiences with their compelling musical.

Particular commendation goes to the principal cast, who carried the show with strong vocals and animated acting. Scaramouche, played by Charlotte Langan, was particularly impressive with her intricate vocals, and Galileo, played by Gallagher Lennon, made an exceptional lead with his confident performance. Kate McCourtney’s rendition of Meat was equally convincing and her soaring vocals entertained the audience. Michael Robinson, who played Britney, also impressed with his spirited acting, and Pop, played by Darcey Chong performed the part of the hippy with great conviction. Killer Queen, Mia McGuigan, made an excellent ‘baddie’ with her imposing presence, and she was supported with energy and enthusiasm by Dominic Kono, who played Kashoggi.

Special mention also goes to Gemma White, who played the Teacher, Max Vella and Anthony Grady who made an excellent pair of Cops, Mathew McLaren who played the Doctor, and Michael Spratt who supported Khashoggi on stage. Well done to them all!

 Thanks go to Frank McHugh and Laura Bain for directing and producing the show. Special mention also goes to Alan Beattie and the Sono Vie crew, the Junior School Admin staff for Box Office, the Junior School Staff and Choir for their cameo performance, the College janitorial, catering and cleaning staff, the Junior School Parents, and the children of Primary 5 and 6. Finally, thank you and congratulations to the amazing children of Primary 7, the Class of 2017, who have worked incredibly hard and have kept the production going with their boundless humour, energy and talent.