Religious Life
17th November 2016

Junior School Pupils are Active and Curious at Ignite Conference

Junior School Pupils are Active and Curious at Ignite Conference


Report by Helen Findlater - P7 Staffa

The Ignite conference is when 4 pupils representing each Jesuit school in Britain, visit a host school and learn about the Jesuits, the Pupil Profile and talk about their school and its qualities. The representatives this year were Max Vella, Michael Robinson, Darcy McNeill and myself.

On the first evening we met our wonderful host family who made us feel safe and welcome. The following morning, we went to our host family's school, Donhead Prep School in Wimbledon, where we had a mini tour. Following that, we had an 'ice - breaking' session to get to know everyone around us. They gave us activities and games to do so that we felt comfortable with the people around us. There was one activity whereby we stood in a circle and had to repeat everyone's names. This activity helped us become more attentive towards each other. 

After this session we did an activity based on two words of the Jesuit Pupil Profile, active and curious. God is all around us and in all things and the activity was to find natural resources in the playground (being curious) to spell out 'Ignite' (being active).

Next, it was time for our trip to Wimbledon Lawn Tennis club. First we went to the Wimbledon museum where we saw the original rackets, tennis balls and trophies. Afterwards we went on a tour around the back and onto centre court. Wow! It was so big. The highlights for me was seeing Rufus, the hawk, that scares the pigeons away, and looking at the Royal Box. Next we went to the broadcasting studios and the roof garden. We went over to the front entrance where the players come in. And just like that, the day was over.The last day came upon us so quickly. It started off with a lovely mass in the new school chapel performed by Father Paul Fletcher SJ, who is deaf and used sign language and finger spelling through the entire mass. After mass, we had a drama session and we were put in groups. The performing teams were given a newspaper article on a particular subject and had to act it out, finishing with a short prayer.  The production team had to introduce each story.

Afterwards Bernie Acton, a climate change campaigner from the Philippines, talked to us about her country and how her natural world is being destroyed by pollution. She linked this to Pope Francis' letter about climate preservation in Laudato Si'. We talked about our Eco team and what we do to help the environment. Unfortunately, there was no time left for our presentations and it was time to go home.

Although the adventure didn't end there. Because of London traffic we were a little rushed getting into the station. Euston being very busy and crowded was hard to move about and we couldn't find our platform! Eventually we got onto the train safely huffing and puffing ready to tell our back families at home all about our amazing trip.