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28th August 2017

Junior School Gets a Visitor from Haiti

Junior School Gets a Visitor from Haiti

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Junior School Gets a Visitor from Haiti

The children in the Junior School received a very special visitor on Monday morning. They welcomed Jimmy, who had travelled all the way from Haiti to take part in Mary’s Meals Day on the 3rd September in the Royal Concert Hall.

Mary’s Meals is a charity which aims to give children from all over the world one daily meal in their place of education. The charity now feeds 1,230,171 children every day. The Junior School has been supporting Mary’s Meals since 2013 and has raised almost £10,000 and donated over 2000 backpacks for school children, which are filled with essential items.

Jimmy, who received Mary’s Meals as a child, visited the Junior School to explain how the charity helps feed those in need, encourages education and helps vulnerable children to fulfil their potential. He also entertained the Junior School children with his own songs and games, and thanked them for the work they have done for the charity.

Jimmy recounted stories from his childhood and how Mary’s Meals helped him to realise his dreams and escape gang culture in Haiti: “With the help of Mary’s Meals, I was able to change my life. I couldn’t have done it if Mary’s Meals did not feed me – because one of the biggest problems in my community is hunger. Many people are involved in bad activities and gangs because of hunger. It took me out of that situation so I can be a better man.” 

Primary 6 Jura had some positive feedback from the event: “It was really fun and I loved his songs”; “It was an honour to meet Jimmy, and I would like to see him again soon”; “It is really cool that he chose St Aloysius’ College!”; “I loved his music and enjoyed meeting him”; “I think it’s good he’s helping people around the word”; and finally “It’s great he’s helping children in Primary Schools”.

Mary’s Meals is an after school club in the Junior School. It runs every Monday and is led by Mrs Carmichael and Ms Hegarty.