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20th April 2017

Junior School gets a Visit from the Scottish SPCA!

Junior School gets a Visit from the Scottish SPCA!

Delight in Learning

Junior School Gets a Visit from the Scottish SPCA!

The Junior School was in for a treat this Thursday, as visitors from the Scottish SPCA came into classes and demonstrated the work they do for vulnerable animals across Scotland.

P4 to P7 were visited by officers, who allowed pupils to use their brand new educational board games, designed by teaching students and PhD candidates at the University of Edinburgh. There were refashioned snakes and ladders in P4, and altered monopoly boards in P7. Members of the classes took it in turns to play the games, and in the process learnt a great deal about the work undertaken by the SPCA across Scotland.

Officers then answered a series of thoughtful questions from pupils, before showing a short film about the different types of support they provide to injured and abandoned animals. This was then followed by a quiz to test the pupils’ new knowledge.

The Early Years classes in the Junior School also had the opportunity to learn something from the visit. Officers from the SPCA put on a special assembly for our youngest pupils, and taught them the most important things to remember when looking after animals.

Thanks to the Scottish SPCA for visiting, and for providing an entertaining and educational introduction to the charity.