17th February 2017

Inquisitive Minds at the 15th Annual Science Fair

Inquisitive Minds at the 15th Annual Science Fair

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Inquisitive Minds at the 15th Annual Science Fair

The Dr McDonald Science Fair, held annually for P7 pupils, took place on Tuesday 24th January this year. The department celebrated their 15th Science Fair; it is estimated that over 1000 projects have been presented, and over 50 winners declared over the years!

Projects ranged from the effect of sugary drinks on teeth to homemade lava lamps. Sadhbh Quail (Prep Tiree) was impressed by the resilience of other pupils noting that "if something went wrong, people just kept talking about their investigations. They didn't get flustered". Gabrielle Smith (Prep Orkney) summed up the whole evening succinctly, adding "everyone tried really hard, and did their best".

The reaction of pupils was universally positive: Charlotte Langan (Prep Orkney) commented that "The atmosphere was really fun and friendly" and Sarah Nicol (Prep Tiree) enjoyed "being able to see everyone, and have a look at their projects". Laura McManus (Prep Tiree) added "everyone, including the adults, seemed really interested in what you were doing".

Mr McClintock explained the set-up of the fair: "every year the children plan, execute and present their investigations to their families, peers and judges. And every year they always astonish us by showing things we have never seen before". For Mr McClintock it is the highlight of the year seeing the children, many of whom he has taught since Primary 1, show such enthusiasm about Science.

The winning students this year were: Louise McFadden (Prep Tiree) who showed fruit and vegetable batteries, Max Vella (Prep Skye) who demonstrated the effects of sunlight on the vetch plant, Ruben Walsh (Prep Orkney) who investigation vibrations in the Earth and Darcy McNeill (Prep Skye) who studied Cross Dominance in athletes. Congratulations to all involved!