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12th May 2016

French Exchange Pupil Reflects on Three Weeks in the Green Blazer

French Exchange Pupil Reflects on Three Weeks in the Green Blazer

Delight in Learning

A French exchange pupil from a Sacred Heart School in Nantes attended St Aloysius’ College for three weeks and on his final day in the Green Blazer he was happy to use his polished English skills to reflect on what made his time at the College so special.

Etienne Carboni, an S3 pupil at Le Perverie, a Sacred Heart School in Nantes, spent three weeks living in Glasgow and attending St Aloysius’ College to improve his English skills and experience life at a Scottish Jesuit School.

During his time in Glasgow Etienne stayed with Assistant Head Master of the College, Mr O’Duffin, and integrated well into the College’s S3 year group.

He also spent time in the Junior School, helping pupils from P1 – P6 in their class work and attending fantastic specialist classes including art, music, science, languages, and poetry with Fr Banyard.

During his final day at St Aloysius’ College, Etienne spoke about what he had learned and reflected on the experiences that had made his time in the Green Blazer so special.

Q: What has your time at St Aloysius’ College taught you about Scottish Jesuit schools?

A: “The way that subjects are taught here is more modern than my school in France. With every class having smart boards and all the pupils learning with their iPads it is quite different.

The relationship between teachers and pupils at St Aloysius’ College is also very good and more friendly I think. The pupils and teachers are very friendly with each other but still very respectful to each other.”

Q: What have you enjoyed most about your time at St Aloysius’ College?

A: “My favourite class at the College has been the French lessons with my fellow S3 pupils because I’ve been able to help them out a lot. I was also impressed by the Junior School pupils in their Language classes like in P1 Spanish when all of the pupils knew all of the colours in Spanish.”

Q: How do you feel about the people you’ve met at the College?

A: “The people in Scotland and in St Aloysius’ College have been really friendly to me and even on the first day when nobody knew who I was they were all very welcoming. I was able to make friends immediately because everyone in the S3 year group are all friends together and equally – there are no little separate groups of friends. I think this comes from everyone taking part in Mass together.”

Q: Did you notice any differences between the Senior School and Junior School?

A: “My time in the Junior School has been fun, and different to my time in the Senior School. In the Junior School it is much more focused on the Catholic side where it seems to be at the centre of everything the pupils do. In the senior school religion is also important in school life but it isn’t such a big part of each lesson.”

Image below: Fr Banyard delivers his weekly poetry lesson to Etienne and Primary 6 - in non-uniform before Ardmay Adventure weekend.