7th April 2016

Dedication to Serving Others Celebrated with Arrupe Reception

Dedication to Serving Others Celebrated with Arrupe Reception

Make a Difference

Senior Aloysians were commended for showing inspirational commitment to the service of others through the St Aloysius’ College Arrupe Programme, and their efforts were celebrated by family members, fellow pupils and staff  at the annual Arrupe Reception in the College Hall.

Named after former Superior General of the Jesuits, Fr Pedro Arrupe SJ, the College’s Arrupe Volunteering Programme was set up as the first of its kind in the UK, becoming a model for many other schools.

Through the Arrupe Programme, senior pupils have the opportunity to use their own gifts for the benefit of others, volunteering in nursing homes, primary schools, charities and special schools every Wednesday afternoon.

The programme has become a true embodiment of the College’s motto, ‘Men and Women for Others’ and has grown in popularity each year amongst pupils of St Aloysius’ College.

In this year alone, over 90 Senior School pupils have volunteered with 34 organisations throughout Glasgow, making significant contributions to the lives of others whilst gaining invaluable life experience for themselves.

Mary McCarthy of the Wyndford Locks Nursing Home, one of the organisations which has open its doors to the College, had some kind words to say about the Arrupe Programme and the impact Aloysians have had.

“The pupils have made a significant and positive contribution to the residents’ quality of lives.  Particularly the Remembrance Day art and craft work was excellent and poignant.  We have enjoyed having the pupils here and hope they continue to enjoy the experience.”

The efforts and stories of the Aloysians were celebrated at the College’s annual Arrupe Reception and one parent said it was one of the nicest events she had attended at the College.

“We’ve been to many events in the College over the years and I have to say that was one of the nicest”, she said, “Everyone who spoke was just lovely - articulate, authentic and genuinely passionate.”

You can read first hand Arrupe Reflections below, accounts written by pupils outlining their experiences and the lessons they have learned through volunteering with the Arrupe Programme. 

Evie’s Full Arrupe Reflection

“Arrupe has taught me so many things: to be accepting, to be determined, to be grateful, to be positive, and to be caring. Above all it has made me see how much love and goodness there is around us, and how important this is. I really enjoy participating in Arrupe and would like to thank everyone that makes it possible each week.”

Owen’s Full Arrupe Reflection

“Looking back on my time at Kelbourne Park, I can confidently say that I have learned so much about myself and about other people. All those who work and learn there are a true inspiration to me and I will never forget this experience. I look forward to the rest of my time at the school for this placement has made Arrupe the highlight of my week.”

Olivia’s Full Arrupe Reflection

“She then asked me, “Do you believe in angels? Or God?” I said “I do, but sometimes I’m not sure.” Then she said something that I wasn’t expecting, “You don’t have to but I do.” “Why?” I asked her. “Because my mum told me that God makes flowers and I like flowers.”