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4th February 2016

College Launches Major Fundraising Appeal for new Sports Facility

College Launches Major Fundraising Appeal for new Sports Facility

Delight in Learning

St Aloysius’ College has just launched its first major fundraising appeal in 20 years and is asking the Aloysian Community to ‘be our sporting heroes’ by helping us build and equip our brand new Sports Facility.

The ‘Be Our Sporting Heroes’ fundraising appeal was launched this week with the publication of a video to explain the plans and outline why St Aloysius’ is looking to the Aloysian Community and friends of the College for help.

The video, which you can watch below, opens with a reflective look back at the rich history of sport at St Aloysius’ College before turning to the future, showing what the pupils themselves think the development could mean for life in the Green Blazer.

In the video, Hannah Smith of S2 talks excitedly about how the new Sports Facility will have ‘a dance hall, a strength and conditioning area and a full sized basketball court’.

On top of that, the facility will also include a spin area and multi-gym, changing rooms, a spectator gallery, and a café.

Alice Solerod of S5 thinks that pupils will find it much easier to balance their academic and sporting lives thanks to the time they’ll save from staying on campus for sport,

 “Having the sport facilities right next to the school will make it a lot easier for the pupils to manage their studies and their fitness training.”

Meanwhile, OA Athlete Emma Canning, who has recently been selected for Team GB, reflects on the benefits sports can have in your wider life, explaining how the confidence she gained from sport helped her achieve her goals in academics,

“In my subjects I felt that if I wanted to do something I was going to do it and I feel like that stemmed from sport”.

Head Master Mr Browne then explains why this is the ideal time for the College to introduce an on-campus facility and appeals to the Aloysian Community and friends of the College for their support.

 “When I came to the College it was obvious that this needed to be the next step. Not only for the opportunities it will provide for our young people but also for the space it will provide in the school afterwards, the opportunities to move things around and create better facilities.”

“For the College to embark on this project has been a bit of a leap of faith. We have a lot of money in place but we don’t have it all. I’m asking for the help of the Aloysian Community to make this dream a reality after 20 years”.

Read more about how you can help make the sports facility a reality for the College:

Every gift will be greatly appreciated and all donors will receive an invitation to the opening ceremony and be recognised in a unique and visible way within the new St Aloysius’ College Sports Facility.