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16th December 2015

College Ethos Inspires Pupils through Academic Mass

College Ethos Inspires Pupils through Academic Mass

Personal Excellence 

The magnificent St Aloysius Church, now re-opened with a new Organ in place, was once again filled with Aloysians for the annual College mass which inspires pupils to do more and be more with their talents for the greater glory of God and the greater good.

The Ascensio Scholarum is a traditional Jesuit mass held at the beginning of each academic year which reflects the College’s mission, AMDG.

It celebrates the new opportunities which each school year promises pupils as they go forth on the next stage of their journey in the Green Blazer.


The mass was lead by Fr Tim Curtis of St Aloysius Church who read ‘The Parable of Talents’ from Matthew 25 14-30, which focuses on the importance of using your gifts for the greater good, explaining to pupils that they should seek to do more fo0r themselves and others with all that they have.

The Head of Christian Formation at St Aloysius‘ College, Ryan Day, spoke about the importance of this mass in the winder context of Christian Formation at the College,

“The mass is a traditional opportunity for the College to pray together as a community and for the priest to offer such for the intentions of benefactors past and present. It is about re-focussing on the history, origin and purpose of the college in light of where we are now.

The mass is considered by the Church as the ‘source and summit’ of the Christian life. Here at St Aloysius we strive to provide a Christian formation for our students that assists them in understanding and participating fully in this sacramental reality.

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