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24th March 2016

College Choirs on Song at Glasgow Music Festival

College Choirs on Song at Glasgow Music Festival

Personal Excellence

The Choirs of St Aloysius’ College once again achieved outstanding results at the Glasgow Music Festival, claiming five 1st place finishes and winning the award for best choir overall, showcasing the ambition to be a centre of excellence in choral music.

This year the College entered ten different choirs into the Glasgow Music Festival and each one managed to place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their Category, competing against some of the very best choirs from Glasgow and beyond.

With some of the stand-out performances in Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall, five of St Aloysius’ College’s Choirs were awarded first place in their category.

The St Aloysius’ College Infant Choir placed 1st in the Primary Schools Choirs P1 & P2 Category whilst the Training Choir won the Primary 5 and Under Category.

It was also a fantastic year for Aloysian male choirs as the St Aloysius’ College Junior School Boys Choir won the Primary School Boys category and the Schola Puerorum won the Boys Under-14 Category.

The pick of the results was reserved for the Schola Nova who won the S3 and Under Secondary School Choirs category and were awarded the Glasgow Music Festival Herald Trophy for achieving the best mark out of any choir across the categories.


The full set of results achieved by the St Aloysius’ College Choirs:

KG Choir: Ungraded but excellent performance

Infant Choir: 1st place

JS Training Choir: 1st place

Junior Choir: 3rd place

Scots Choir: 2nd place

Junior School Boys' Choir: 1st place

Schola Puerorum: 1st place

Schola Puellarum: 2nd place

Schola Nova: 1st place and highest mark overall

Schola Cantorum: 3rd place