16th December 2015

Chemistry grows between Glasgow Uni and St Aloysius'

Chemistry grows between Glasgow Uni and St Aloysius'

Delight in Learning

With Old Aloysians taking up places at the University of Glasgow every year, St Aloysius’ College has always had a strong connection with Glasgow’s oldest University, and in recent years the bond between the science departments of both has strengthened through a number trips and visits.

Following on from a pioneering research project which saw S6 pupils work in partnership with a team from the University last year, this term has seen Aloysians tour the university research labs and receive a visit from one of its most esteemed scientists, Professor Robert Liskamp.

At the beginning of November, a group of nine Aloysian scientists from S3 – S6 were invited, along with their teachers Mrs McQuade and Mr Anderson, to tour the chemistry department at the University of Glasgow.

The Aloysians were shown around the labs by Dr Beth Paschke and met with two undergraduates to hear about what it’s like studying chemistry at university, before carrying out an explosive thermite reaction and handle liquid nitrogen at the temperature of -196◦C.

It was during a similar visit last year when Mr Anderson invited Professor Liskamp to the College to speak with chemistry and biology pupils about his work looking for new approaches to treating cancer.

Professor Liskamp visited the College this week to tour the facilities of the Clavius Building and discuss what he does at the university, explaining the science behind his research to his highly engaged Aloysian audience.

The higher and advanced higher pupils found Professor Liskamp to be an inspiring speaker thanks to his great enthusiasm for his subject and because he too attended a Jesuit School called St Aloysius’ in his native Holland.