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8th September 2017

Arrupe Programme Restarts for 2017

Arrupe Programme Restarts for 2017

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Arrupe Programme Restarts for 2017

The 2017 Arrupe Programme commenced this week, as pupils in S5 and S6 headed out to schools, refugee centres, nursing homes and other placements across Glasgow.

The Arrupe Programme began in 2006 with an aim to guide our pupils to understand ‘the need to contribute actively to a wider society and to develop a commitment to the common good’, an important element of our Jesuit education. Back in 2006, 40 pupils took part in the programme, but it has since grown and now offers placements to over 70 pupils in fifth and sixth year.

Over two terms, the pupils spend around 20 weeks in their placements, which provides continuity and an opportunity to make the best use of their gifts and talents. Each placement has a different focus, ranging, for example, from working in schools for children with additional support needs, nurseries and nursing homes to supporting asylum seekers.

Arrupe is essentially about service to others; however, our pupils also gain a great deal from their involvement in the programme. The skills they develop are invaluable and remain with them for the rest of their lives. Through Arrupe, pupils have the opportunity to learn and develop leadership skills, to become team players, to respond to new challenges and share gifts and talents they may have. Feedback from our placements highlights just how much they value our pupils’ contribution.

Speaking to some of the pupils involved, they described their nerves and excitement at the prospect of starting the programme.

Caragh Pryce (S6), who is assisting at St Oswald’s School in Glasgow, said she was really looking forward to the programme, and hoped she could use her skills in Drama and Home Economics to assist at the secondary school for children with additional learning needs.

Milda Blazyte (S6), who is helping out at a refugee centre, explained that she felt ‘nervous, but quite excited’. She went on to explain that she was encouraged to participate in the programme by friends who had gained a great deal from Arrupe, as well as her desire to help others.

We wish all the pupils participating in the Arrupe Programme the best of luck over the coming months.