16th December 2015

Animal Magic brings Junior Science to Life

Animal Magic brings Junior Science to Life

Delight in Learning

Junior School Science was brought to life for P3 and P5 classes last week when our young Aloysians came face to face with a whole host of exotic creatures during special workshops delivered by Animal Magic.

During the workshops, Primary 3 classes were introduced to a number of live reptiles including a tortoise, a python, a tegu and a pair of bearded dragons, to help them begin their next learning topic on Dinosaurs and Reptiles.

The Primary 5 pupils have been studying Vertebrate Classification this term and were excited to round off their topic by coming face to face with a cross section of species including a number of reptiles, a cockatoo, and a hedgehog.

Animal Magic

The pupils showed how much they knew about the 5 vertebrate groups by asking insightful questions and even identified the “secret sixth vertebrate group”, Monotremes, which are mammals that lay eggs.

Junior science teacher, Mr McClintock, was very pleased with the enthusiasm the pupils displayed, and said,

"This workshop has become an integral part of our Science course. It really makes the theory come alive and Laura Rennie, who delivered the workshop, was very impressed with the knowledge of the pupils and their engagement throughout.”

To see more photos from the day, head over to our Facebook page by following this link:

Animal Magic 2