5th January 2016

Aloysian Bursts on to Global Tennis Tour with U18 Wins

Aloysian Bursts on to Global Tennis Tour with U18 Wins

Personal Excellence

2015 is coming to an end in spectacular fashion for Aloysian tennis player Aidan McHugh after he clinched his first and second victories in Under-18 International Tennis Federation tournaments back to back and leaped up the U18 tennis world-rankings.

In the past two months Aidan McHugh of S4 has had quite the breakthrough on the International Tennis Federation’s world tour.

The Aloysian won his first ever title on the ITF Under-18 Global Tour at the Dubai Junior Championships, coming from one set behind in the final to beat Romanian, Daniel Cozma, 4-6, 6-2, 6-2.

He didn’t spend long basking in the glory of his first victory as his outstanding achievement was quickly replicated, winning in Liverpool at the Nike Junior International Championship when he beat fellow Brit, Damien Rodriguez, two sets to one in the final.

These two victories become even more impressive when it is considered that the former British U14 Championship winner is still young enough to qualify for Under-15 level, having been competing in the under-18 global tour for over a year. 

Aidan Tennis

Following the victories, Aidan’s U18 World-Ranking has sky rocketed from 850th to 454th, and in January he is expected to climb higher still to around 300th in the world for Under-18 tennis when many of the older players move up an age category.

Following his victories, Aidan is thought to be placed at around 20th in the world in his own age group but the Aloysian has not been taking anything for granted, going straight on to a week’s training camp in Spain with the Lawn Tennis Association before helping Scotland reach 2nd place at the Tri-Nations Tournament.

In his ‘My Green Blazer’ story, which you can read in the link at the bottom of this page, Aidan explains how the College has helped him continue to thrive in his studies whilst following his tennis dream,

“I think because the school encourages you to make the most of your talents it’s easier for me to dedicate time to my tennis,” says Aidan. “But I understand the importance of doing well at school, the teachers support me but don’t let me forget that education is important too.”

 “The teachers realise what it means to me and they help me fit my school work in around my training rather than the other way around.

“The dream is one day playing in – and hopefully winning – Wimbledon. Who knows if I’ll achieve that dream but I’m having a great time trying and I’ll always be grateful to have a school and family that supports me in that.”

My Green Blazer – Aidan McHugh