6th December 2017

A Note from the Head of Junior School

A Note from the Head of Junior School

 A Note from the Head of Junior School

From the very Early Years of your child’s education, we take them on a journey that will transform, not only their own lives, but also that of others. Our Jesuit Pupil Profile provides a very simple, but challenging statement of the qualities we seek to develop in our children.

Mrs Forbes and Mrs Brown lead the Early Years Team of the school and they are ably assisted by our Senior Kindergarten Practitioner, Mrs Alexander. They will develop a programme of experiences, activities and opportunities that will set our children on the road to becoming confident, competent and compassionate individuals. They do this by capitalising on their individual strengths and qualities and they recognise that education can, and will, have a significant impact on their young lives.

The best way to understand Kindergarten and what it offers for our children is by visiting us and experiencing the Kindergarten in action. When you visit, you will see many areas that are used to provide the most wonderful learning experiences. Here are some examples of the learning that our children have experienced in term one so far:

In Vatersay Garden….

The children have explored many aspects of outdoor education including; the Science of rain water and how water flows with our Science specialist, plant life cycles, seasonal changes in the weather, hibernation, road safety, cycling proficiency, risk management, as well as experiences that help the children’s gross motor development.

In the Creative Area….

Our children have learned the skills involved in print making and collage with our Art specialist, as well as designing and creating hibernation boxes. The children have also been supported by the Science specialist to make model beds for the Three Bears. All of the activities at the playdough table serve to enhance our children’s imagination as well as developing their fine motor skills. 

In the Literacy Area…

Here you will find a hive of activities including; our weekly lending library, our reading corner and our writing table. During Book Week the children looked at character development as well as storytelling. Our writing table activities included writing lists, making cards, using stencils, all of which help our children develop their mark making and formal letter formation skills.

In the Numeracy and ICT Area…

Our children are learning basic counting to 20 and can identify many of the numerals. This is all achieved through problem solving, matching and sorting, games and jigsaw puzzles. All of our children can use the iPads and the SMART Board and will move onto PCs and mouse skills. Through these activities the children learn how to open and close apps and begin to understand the art of taking turns.

In the Imaginative Area…

In this area children use and explore their imagination in many different ways. This term they have explored all aspects of the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears,’ as well as seasonal changes that take place and, at present they are exploring dark and light. Planned Drama activities help the children develop their talents through role play.

In the Dance Studio…

Physical Education takes place in our new Sports Hall with a specialist PE Teacher. This is a wonderful, stimulating environment in which to learn and we hope to instil in our children, a life-long love of exercise and healthy-living.

Our Key Workers work closely with the children, providing first class pastoral care and support the children in the exciting challenges they meet every day. In our philosophy, every experience is a learning opportunity.

I hope this has given you a ‘snapshot’ of the many and varied activities which are taking place daily in our Kindergarten. There are so many ‘soft-skills’- too numerous to mention - which are being developed through the care and example of our staff.

Come and visit us in the Kindergarten or organise a taster session for your child by contacting Louise McElroy at or telephone 0141 331 9200.

Dr Aileen Brady

Head of Junior School