10th October 2017

A Chop that Changes Lives

A Chop that Changes Lives

Make a Difference

A Chop that Changes Lives

Rebecca Nimmo (S3) showed her dedication to helping others this week, as she chopped off her flowing locks to give to UK charity, Little Princess Trust. The charity uses the hair to make wigs for children suffering from hair loss. Since its inception, the charity has helped thousands of children, providing them with specialist real hair children’s wigs.

As well as donating her hair to the worthy cause, Rebecca raised more than £600 for Little Princess Trust. This excellent sum broke her £500 target, and will be used to help make wigs and fund research into childhood cancers.

Speaking to Rebecca she explained that she had always wanted to cut her hair, but has been trying to convince her mum for the past few years. When she found out about Little Princess Trust she was delighted, as it was an opportunity to give something back to those in need. Rebecca hopes her donation will “make a girl or boy happy”, she added.

The chop happened over the weekend, and Rebecca proudly explained that she donated 16.5 inches of hair to the charity.

The College is delighted that Rebecca has demonstrated her commitment to a core Jesuit value: being woman for others. Well done Rebecca!