Entrance Assessment

Entrance Assessment

As a school, we do all that we can to put children at ease by making sure our assessments take place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

It is important for your child to know that the papers are not designed for them to pass or fail, rather, they allow us to understand whether or not St Aloysius’ College is a good fit for them. Rest assured, we have your child’s best interests at heart.

If you or your child is feeling a little daunted at the prospect of assessment, our admissions team is always on hand to talk you through the arrangements. These calls are more common than you may think, so please do not hesitate to seek reassurance.

Kindergarten and Primary 1 assessments take place in our dedicated Kindergarten facility, where children take part in fun, play-based activities with their contemporaries. Parents are invited to wait with a tea or coffee while our Early Years staff evaluate the children's language and communication skills.

Assessment lasts around 45 minutes.

Junior School Primary 2 to Primary 6 assessments take place in our fun and colourful Junior School building, led by our Early Years and Junior School staff. There are three short age-appropriate papers covering Language, Maths and Spelling.

Primary 7 to Senior 2 assessments take place in friendly classrooms and consist of two reasoning papers, both of which are completed within a set amount of time with a short break in between. Each pupil will be given practice papers, however, more practice assessments are available from online and high-street bookstores. The EISBNs are as follows should you wish to prepare further:

9780708719879 (Verbal Reasoning)

9780708719862 (Non Verbal Reasoning)

Senior 3 to Senior 6 applicants do not sit a formal assessment, rather, the family will meet with a member of our Senior Leadership Team who will look at previous reports and results if applicable. Whatever your child's age, we will make sure the experience is relaxed and that they feel welcome at the College.